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Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez is the brand that has delighted the entire world with its specialty 100% premium Colombian coffee. Throughout the years, Juan Valdez has represented the heart and soul of more than 548.000 Colombian coffee-growing families and has continued growing by generating experiences in more than 20 countries worldwide. 


Juan Valdez represents the quality, values, and traditions of Colombian Coffee. The Arabica beans are carefully selected, handpicked, and washed to ensure the highest quality and preservation of each coffee's aroma and flavor notes.


In recent years, Juan Valdez has demonstrated its commitment to achieving better social and environmental practices by generating share value at every stage of its value chain. 


The Story of Juan Valdez

In 1960, Juan Valdez Character was created to represent the philosophy and commitment of over 548.000 Colombian coffee-growing families. 

In 2021, it was certified as a B Company and was able to join the select group of more than 5,000 companies that not only aspire to be the best in the world but also the best for the world. Juan Valdez® coffees are synonymous with high quality, providing coffee growers with greater value for the quality of the coffee and important royalty resources for the sale of each cup or product that carries the Juan Valdez® brand worldwide.


The next time you enjoy a cup of Juan Valdez Coffee, remember that behind every sip is a story of hard work, tradition, and love from Colombian coffee growers.

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